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research into neurolinguistics

A number of things have become apparent:1: When given medication to treat ‘irritability’ I found that the medication caused me to have memories that I’d already gotten over from the time when I last went into hospitalThat then caused rumination … Continue reading

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Computers and their relation cognitive function

For a bit of fun I thought I’d put together some supprisingly striking similarities between computers and computer software and their name sake cognitive phenotype. Autistic Spectrum, even comes in component form. The I Narcisist , glib, superficially charming, opportunist … Continue reading

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The Dopamine Hypothisis

Well I’ve done quite a bit of research into treatment of schizophrenia and it appears that there is currently a moratorium on only using so called anti-psychotic medication.. You can find lot of commentary on how bad the hypothesis is … Continue reading

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