Is the NHS causing psychosis in patients?

Could expressed emotion in NHS hospitals be triggering psychotic breaks in dementia and other patients? Emotional expression may not just be the words you do say but those that you don’t and that a patient may well know you haven’t, passive aggression, body language when a carer feels they cannot tell the truth or lies etc…. And all this after widely missused anti-psychotics have a black box warning for use in dementia due to high risk of causing a stroke.

The Daily Mail (not my favorite paper) published an article about how common lying in hospitals is to patients with dementia (in my experience it’s a wide spread practice near institutional and not limited to dementia or hospitals)

Almost all nurses who treat dementia patients have admitted “telling white lies” to avoid distressing them, a study has revealed.
And more than two thirds of psychiatrists have said they do the same, in an NHS survey. But many have also condemned the use of “white lies” – which are employed to avoid upsetting confused patients – as a “slippery slope”. Examples of small “lies included not correcting patients who had forgotten that a friend or family member had died when they asked after them. Another case saw a dementia patient allowed to wait outside a care home for an imaginary bus so they would stop “pestering nurses”, the Telegraph reports. The nurses and health professionals quizzed said repeatedly forcing them to face an upsetting reality could mean they repeatedly undergo bereavement. One said while they could “live with non expression of the truth” they could not tell an outright lie. The Alzheimer’s Society said patients should be given proper support rather than a “false reality”. Head of policy George McNamara told the paper: “It’s important to give people with dementia choice and control over their life when possible.” The research was carried out by teams from Newcastle University and Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS trust and reported in the Nursing Standard. They found that half of 112 care staff – including nurses – has ethical doubts about it, but almost all (98 per cent) admitted they had lied in the past, believing it was best for the patient. …


More details on expressed emotion and psychosis/schizophrenia can be found here:

or in books by R.D. Laing, e.g. the politics of experience and the divided self.

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Some people talk ‘backwards’

Over the years I’ve had lots of conversations with people about what they think, why they think things, they way they are talking and how we perceive what each other are doing and after a while I noticed something particular about a few people…. They talk backward to me!

But not quite in the same way as Yoda.

So for instance give the question ‘where’s the salmon’
I may say something like:
If you go into the cellar the salmon is in the top draw of the bottom freezer under the chips.

Where as a conversation between a ‘backwards’ talker me may go:

me: ‘Where’s the salmon?’
In the draw
me: which draw?
the draw In the freezer
me: which freezer
The Bottom freezer

My mum seems to talk in a similar way to this as I’ve frequently asked her for more information and also she gave a very interesting answer the question ‘what is the opposite of left’ … she said ‘taken’

So hopefully I can convince my mum to be a bit of a gunie pig, esp as I should be able to record conversations and records of spoken conversations (esp with video to show body language etc…) is something I’ve always wished I’d been more opportunistic in making. 

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Vaccine cause autism, what’s the real story

I’m  in a group exposing the truth and someone posted a link to the VINE group page they had put together with hundreds of pieces of material about vaccines causing autism. I looked a a few bits of material and it was clear that there was some rather dubious stuff going on e.g. using false logic and emotional arguments presenting 1/50 people have autism due to vaccines.

I started  to raise a number of general issues and questions on the topic e.g. about environmental exposure to elements claimed to have a link (merucury (in tooth fillings, fish and if you old enough at school and thermonitors… even as mad as a hatter) and aluminium which is used in antiperpserant in the form of aluminium chloride and other immune respones (say like catching a cold, but the illness the vaccine is to protect again would be an obvious one since the side effects such a fever (which can cause brain dammage) encephalitus (ever watched the awakenings) etc… are quite well known documented and aren’t autism.

The person who’d posted the material just kept asking me which videos I was talking about even though I’d told her many times etc… behaviour typical of passive agression. She then invited a load of people over from her group then this is where the story gets good
The majority of the people she invited over started by calling me some kind of derogitory name or remary relating to mental health or disability, such as schiznophrenic, disabled cunt etc… This would very much suggest that the group has rather unsavioury views about people with disabilitys and doesn’t actually care for them one bit, maybe even like to see them destroyed. When I asked where the data was I was told it didn’t exist and it had been covered up, the majority of the material they posted relating to actually cases of people becomming ill after vaccines fit perfectly well with well known conditions that result from vaccines (because the vaccine causes the same immune response as the illness it’s ment to stop!!! and those illness cases all kinds of things) none of those conditions are autism. Dr Wakefield didn’t even say MMR causes autism he said it’s a rare and totally different condition with symptoms similar autism and there’s even apparently tests for it. The group also deny that Autism is genetic something your born with and runs in familys (so i’m not sure how they explain all those ‘refrigerator’ mothers as refrigerator mother could well describe a mother with autism, not in a very nice way… but non the less). After some more discussion and asking why it was autism in perticular and why couldn’t they just say vaccines causes mental retardation / brain dammage or alll the things we know they actually do cause. I was shown some material relating to the jews the person then started posting about zionist conspiricy theories in another thread.

Further more the rise in autism diagnosis is pretty easily explained, it’s not you’r mobile phone, wifi, computer, vaccine or indeed anything else that has come about at around the same time as autism awareness… because oddly all those kind of things will fit the inverse square law and so show a pretty good corrilation, it is infact the awareness itself that has caused the rise, books, the internet, DSM criteria, the AQ test all of those things gave rise and in part where because of greater awareness and so consiquently now that people, dr’s etc… where aware of something that actually noticed it and told their friends who noticed etc… which would produced the inverse square required. More over all that awareness made having your son diagnosed as a little professor something trendy to do and much nicer than a mental retardation or other tag (bipolar seems to be the current gucci diagnosis for kids) as a result mental retardation diagnsosis have dropped at the same time autism diagnosis have risen and there’s good reason to suspect that at laest some of those MR cases have been incorrectly diagnosed as autism, possibly due to pressure for the parents, possibly because a school get’s more funding etc….

So the few (and there’s only a few) cases of people having ‘autism’ after a vaccine could quite easily be noting more than diagnosing a well known side effect incorrectly as autism and not what the effect actually is.

More over the 1/50 (2%) prevalance of autism fits perfectly well with other highly heritable conditions effecting the self such as psychopathy (1-2% or higher), schizophrenic spectrum (about 3 or so %) and you can even test for fragile x, the best know genetic causes of autism.

All in all they seem to be a group of people who descriminaait directly against those with mental health issues or disabilities, e.g. by calling me a dissabled cunt, they are not able to give you the answers to any of the questions and often engage in passive agressive behavious (that is not answering a question or retreating) and appear to have a large number of child hood truama issues. The do not believe that autism is genetic (this may because they are scared they will end up like their own parents), they believe the data has been covered up and they think it’s a big plot by the jews and they are highly biggoted (for genetic conditions I think we call that racist)
General tactics used in cult indoctrination where also quite obvious (cult indoctrination tactics are designed to undermine the persons sense of self and reality, name calling, questioning sanity, claiming I’m getting paid to do it, not answering questions, trying to get me to view irrelevant material, asking if I’ve watch the 160 videos yet, getting you mates along and even at the end asking for derogiroty comments to be removed (which the admin said people could remove their own comments if they wanted to) Vaccines causes autism has nothing to do with wanting to look after disabled people it is infact a cult of people who believe that there is a zionist plot people who quite happily bash disabled people, disabled people and mental heath is of no concern to them except by way of a scare tactic.

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wordpress novice

I’m still getting used the wordpress app on Android, it’s posted a couple of work in progress blogs lately and some of the older ones I want to update with links and videos but I’m still getting the hang of imbedding media and formatting posts nicely.

Hopefully the next few blogs I write should have more emmbeded media and citations, but may still have bad formatting and layout. But at least that will give me the opportunity to edit those posts into something a little nicer, maybe only online editing will produce proper results though.

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Publication Dogma

Publication bias has a good deal of research surrounding it , and it is indeed quite worrying, but what about publication dogma?

Dogma can generally be define as that which is taught, by some kind of authority, often irregardless of the facts at hand.

Now you’d expect that if something was ‘peer reviewed’ by scientists, that that would be analytical of the facts and not overborne with the ‘authority’ of peermanship. Well if you actually dig into journals, especially in controversial subjects such as schizophrenia, challenges to such authority are not met kindly. This is also apparent in other fields such as mathematics and science where papers have been lambasted on for reasons such as ‘not understanding set theory’ and not the actuality of the work itself, valid or not.

Indeed I have had Dr’s say that they will only accept published, peer reviewed  studies (which are hard to get, and the data is nigh on impossible to get), where all that would be needed is the anecdote of another person with the same symptoms to say ‘I think I’m one of those’.

Recently I was looking up published data on diet, and every man and his dog has some kind of new fad diet they want to sell you. One of the things I wanted to look up was fat and carbohydrate metabolism, as really that’s key, especially if one aim is to increaese good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol and indeed know why one is good and the other is bad. There was quite an interesting paper on carbohydrate metabolism where the author stated in his summary that current advice on a low fat diet was valid and high carbohydrate made no difference. In the detail of the paper his supporting evidence for this was that: a high fat diet results in weight gain and that athaleates often have diets high in carbohydrates. Recommending having a low fat diet is not the same as not recommending a high fat diet!!!! Reading further down the paper there where a number of low GI diets presented, which where all more successfull than the government recomended diets and indeed in one case the government recommended diet, ad-lib (not calorie controlled) resulted in people gaining weight where as in the low GI group the people lost weight. The most notable things about all of those ‘low GI’ diets was that the proportion of fat in relation to carbohrdrate was such that people where eating a lot more fat and a lot less carbohydrate. I think this is a good example of dogma, where the actually facts in the paper don’t match the ‘dogmatic’ summary given as the results.

Perhaps more telling is when an authority on a subject tries to assert their authority:
I’ve been looking up details on thyroid dissfunction and wanted to know how accurate the test actually are, since I found some people challenging them. Really what I wanted to know where the ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ ranges, though I didn’t expect I’d actually get any real data on it and it turns out that tests are only asserted on the 95% ‘normal’ range not on the ‘abnormal’ range which could have a much greater overlap (it could also have no overlap at-all if the data is multi-modal as all good indicative data should be, making the standard 95% test being pretty meaningless).

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Aphasia take 2, clangin in reality.

As I wrote something regarding aphasia in terms of clangin I though I should really put my own experience as I had a mild, but persistent, psychotic break, where clanging (misconstrued, punning) was probably the main feature, though I would say I was also very very mildly delusional.

It’s hard to give some concrete examples that don’t require a lot of context (my psychosis wasn’t bizzare at-all, so was based on a huge number of things), but there is two examples I can give.

I suppose one thing I got occasionally confused about was ‘right’, as in ‘all right olli’. did it mean I was leaning to the direction right, I should head right, I should only go right, i was ‘ok’, I was presenting my rights (I had been arrested and read my ‘rights’), you have the right to life, you have the …. human rights etc…..

I took it as being ‘ok’ but it still caused some overall confusion, as you can see by the multiple possible interpritations.

The other thing that happened is that a friend had a chemistry mug with the periodic (I’m sure you can think of a few things that periodic can relate to) table on it… and I spotted the line

carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, flourine, radon (I think it was the symbols, but I can’t remember exactly, it wasn’t a big enough mug to have the full words on it and i had studied chemistry, so the symbols/abbrivations would have been deep inside me)

and I imediatly thought of the mnomic,
nitros oxide (no) makes you car (carbon) got faster (FLOORine) RAD!!! ON!!!

radon being a ‘nobel’ gas… I’m sure you can think of alternative meanings for both nobel and gas…. e.g. gas(american) is petrol in British English.

anyhow, I’ll read through the notes I wrote during the episode, though it was mild so there aren’t many relative to the actual clagning, but I hope that demonstrates at least some aspects of the condition especially in relation to the actual semantics and pragmatics.

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before your very ears

This is a song origionally by nine inch nails recorded in the tate house, renamed la pig studios on an album entitled the ‘downward spiral’….
Trent Reznor, aka nine inch nails was also a significant contributing factor to the rise of marlin manson.

I won’t go into detail that can’t be relatively easly worked out, if you know your American ‘serial killers’ but a helter skelter is a downward spiral.

anyhow, this is a slightly modified, first person pronoun density, version…

Gorge Bush hurt myself today
To see if Georger bush still feels
George bush focus on the pain
The only thing that’s real
The need-all tears a whole
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But George Bush remember everything

What has George Bush become
My sweetest friend
Everyone, Geroge bush  know
goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
George bush will let you down
George bush will make you hurt

George bush wear this crown of thorns
Upon my liar’s chair
Full of broken thoughts
George bush cannot repair
Beneath the stains of time
The feelings disappear
You are someone else
George Bush is still right here

What has George Bush become
My sweetest friend
Everyone George bush know
goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
George Bush will let you down
George Bush will make you hurt

If George Bush could start again
A million miles away
Georege Bush would keep myself
George bush would find a way

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