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Autism, Intelligently designed evolution?

Is Autism intelligently designed evolution? Now that around 50% of the genes involved in Autism and Asperger’s have been identified in various ways and a number of the looked at it’s quite possible that some of the things that ‘vaccines … Continue reading

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The future of mental health

There’s one thing that’s made me paranoid at times that’s related to the first questions and answers, language, relating to sense of self, such as the word ‘woman’ containing the word ‘man’ etc… or eye being like I, ab’you’us’ and … Continue reading

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Is the NHS causing psychosis in patients?

Could expressed emotion in NHS hospitals be triggering psychotic breaks in dementia and other patients? Emotional expression may not just be the words you do say but those that you don’t and that a patient may well know you haven’t, … Continue reading

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Vaccine cause autism, what’s the real story

I’m  in a group exposing the truth and someone posted a link to the VINE group page they had put together with hundreds of pieces of material about vaccines causing autism. I looked a a few bits of material and … Continue reading

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