Rethinking Autism

Specific need of specific neurotypes in specific countries of specific generations:

Autism speaks may get a lot of flack for promoting the support of parents of Autistic (often) children as opposed to supporting those with Autism directly…

Though the question to be asked is as follows:

Are there situations where supporting the parents of those with Autism is more fruitful if parent child interaction is causing significant distress to the child, especially for over baring or controlling parents when the Autistic individual is vulnerable. What are the alternatives, placing the child in care? And how would a child be supported in care when, certainly in the past, care homes have not always provided suitable environments for those that they are caring for.

Speaking from experience, I have known a good number of people who have either been in or worked in care homes and the standard of care is often sub-par and the experience of those individuals leaves a lot to be desired.

Though some individuals may benefit greatly from care.

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