Facebook Hyperpriming

Facebook psychosis; Advertising Algorythms generate too few negative results resulting in hpyer priming.

(note: some elements have passive agressive features)

algorythms used by facebook in combination with people generally engaged in social facebook usa (see game theory) result in hyper priming of context causing a low level psychosis beyond standard addiction. Simple activities (such as those of a sexual or lerning nature) that increase addictive neurotransmiter levels case a trend to develop hyper sexualization along gender and neurotype sterotypical ines.

This then creates and addictive drug like effect futher increased due to possible mental health and lack of sexual or otherwise input in daily life issues within those who are able to use facebook for prolongued periods of time further fulfilling the trend and addictive nature.

Beyond that a rise in drug use, especially those drugs known to cause hyper priming, only adds more fule to the fire.

I would therfore state that facebook algorithms (side bar, advertisement, top stories, automatic filters, promotions, messages etc…) cause an addictive drug like effect possibly to the point of self harm or harm of others addiction, ‘infighting’ distress etc… without prior warning and have been delibratly engenered as such (that is net ‘appeal’ (appeal being in part caused by neurotransmiters) is an ultimate goal of facebook and the algorythms used and only a person qualified as a fool would not realise the potential additive (and other) implications of such an objective and implemetations of algorythms sometimes descrives as the ‘hive mind’

To conclude, facebook, advertisement and other algorythms effectivly implement ‘hyper priming’ known to be linked to psychosis and in such an environment as to be both addictive and potentially damaging with a ‘drug like’ effect and should be regulated as such – ergo facebook is tantamount to an addictivive and dangerious digital drug.

Note, teraputic effects may be possible, see skinner box and froid psycho sexual theories along with modern psychology and research into the addictive nature of pornography, facebook and side effects. In addition, game theory, the nash equlibrium and recient developments in the neurosciences, physics, mathamatics etc….

A short description:

Adversiting algorythms cause hyperpriming due to the loose associations created, regular ‘pattern’ matching causes the brain to go into a state of an ‘high’ similar to many synthetic and natural drugs available. The ability to modulate the patterns would also enable ‘thereputic’ type effects as well as just purly addictive ones, though at the moment the granularity is such that not enough negative results are provided to an individual in a way that does not cause withdrawl effects….

There are a number of well known and proven mechinisms by witch patterns and learning trigger an adictive dopamine response, such as seen in psychological approcahes such as froids psychosexual theories, the skinner box etc… Modern research ..shows.. us that rhythmic media provides a stimunlating response when memories are triggered however the opposite is the case for learning experainces where novelty is valued. This leads to a hypothisis that ‘loose associations’ aka hyperpriming cause a limited triggering of memories and in doing so become addictive ..to the.. detrement of creating new memories that come from learning and novelity as opposed to rythmic hyperpriming that more closely represembles recalling of past memories the most poinginent being those created during traumatic events thus leading to a decreased brain function, or modality, though inturn this may also be of theriputic value so long as there is sufficient novelty attached to those memories to resolve the experiances as opposed to just ‘repeating’ past events, having flashbacks, mild mental health probles such as body aches, head aches, the feeling of being controled or even controling etc… ..the barmy army.. I also suppose techniqules typically used for withdrawl from any other form of addiction e/affecting the dopamine pathways and pleasure stimulating parts of the brain would be suitable for recovery… There is not reason why those algoythms cannot be developed and used in such a way… that would be a ‘theraputic’ use, though one wonders how a person can recover to be fully functional if they have suffered a memory loss due to maladaptive algorythm choice that has been designed to appeal to peoples habbitual nature as opposed to providing deeper space for thought, communication and learning.

Having said that, do I feel better and more comfortable, for all that I have been through, and at this stage I could only say that that is indeed the case, although after reviewing some past works I may have sufferened detremental harm, and to see if that is the case a have of works would be needed and ineed a compliation of any other injuries.

It should be noted that facebook is not the only medium that uses such approches, though it is the one I am most familiar with, and that potentially theraputic results may have been achieved, though at this time I still have a number of alements that come and go that I have not had in the past that could indeed must be considured as a form on injury and so harm.

It is also know that when people suffer from traumatic experainces that the process of recovery can ‘rub off’ on other people leading someone who may be in distress to suffer further distress, this may be due to elements of ‘game theory’ and the human rights act etc… Those things I have already mentioned and looking through historical events in the past society and the technologies used by societry develop in a cyclic nature to the point that common understanding developes through synergy and emergance leading to changes in the way that society operates to incumpus the greater needs of all in society when disparity has reached a pinicle.

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