research into neurolinguistics

A number of things have become apparent:
1: When given medication to treat ‘irritability’ I found that the medication caused me to have memories that I’d already gotten over from the time when I last went into hospital
That then caused rumination and changes in mood and thought in a kind of progression as if doing ‘two’ things at the same time instead of either taking the middle route or one thing at a time
often this would relate to word and phrases that I was using as well as reviewing things that I write or say,
being overly concerned with what I was writing and the origins of those thoughts and ideas
because of the ‘time gap’ between the previous instance I went into hospital and this time,
or at least starting with some of the ‘tests’ used in the research (who ever compiled thouse)…

So a description of events is as follows:

1: Pablo came round and conducted some research into ‘divergant’ thinking and those kinds of things
2: That was then followed by research into paranoia / child abuse that I had to ask to be stopeed due to distress that it was causing me,
This distress mostly related to the parity of the word fragments in the test….

Such as pronoun and gender inversion

Following that more word fragments both semantic primed and more divergant became apparent, especially when considering gramatical fluctuations.

This also tied in with R.D.Laings concept of ‘reframing’ that is thinking of things in a different light: so for example:

ref -> ref (aree)
reaf (coral)
ref’a (cannabis joint)
frame -> ‘fame’
‘ram’ -> memory (computer) -> male sheep
‘fr’ french -> ‘a’ -> ‘me’ (self identity)
ming -> (the mercyless)
me (from frame) in g (back referenace to cannabis joint)
g as in gee -> happyness or gee-wiz

min -> opposite of max (e/i-mum) etc..

word framgment divergance combined with hyper priming lead to the following (asside from feeling like I was smoking cannabis….)

loose assocations that may be picked up on such as:
which (sounds like witch) has a
familiar (animal that a witch uses to carry out deeds)
with a clause (sounds like claws)

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