The future of mental health

There’s one thing that’s made me paranoid at times that’s related to the first questions and answers, language, relating to sense of self, such as the word ‘woman’ containing the word ‘man’ etc… or eye being like I, ab’you’us’ and that kind of thing, primarily phonetic in nature and what I would put down purely to the fact I have dyslexia etc… and think in a detail orientated way, that would be in relation to aspergers. (if your interested I have copies of things like AQ tests and the one people tend to think is ‘better’ the RDOS test (including full answers to questions.)

I’ve previously written on Apahasia and the Describing the ego and the Sense of self in Schizhophrenia and Autism

The thing that may be ‘hard’ to reproduce, I would put under ‘gas lighting’, that is creating an air of discontent. An example would be that I was looking at the back of a delivery van with a woman walking a dog insite and a woman walked passed and said ‘he’s being nosy’, which of-course could have referred to myself in a rather surreptitious manner or the dog on a leash being walked across the other side of the road, dogs being well known for ‘sniffing’ things etc… so definitely in that sense.

As explained here by the hilarious Sam Vadkin

I think there was one other thing, oh, there’s a load of child hood trauma type stuff that didn’t come up from more violence and seeing people burning insects and whip me with stinging nettles to just plain, what ‘bullying’ which I suppose could be extended to a more general term ‘talking bull’ or just making things up.

On that subject

Professor Temple Grandin gives a good lecture on her experience with autism that goes into some of those things, and ways of thinking, in great detail.

I would never say that I’ve had any particular issues with phrases such as ‘raining cats and dogs’ and those kind of things but I have often in the past expected people to be much more truthful than they actually are at times, that I would say relates to freudian projection, but in more on an general ‘ego transfer’ kind of way, in that the only perspective on other people that one has is ones own experience.

I’ve been talking to a number of people with regard to developments in medication such as short treatment PRN/Psychedelic therapy with MDMA though by using the ‘self challenging’ linguistics techniques (though I’d include other elements such as ‘visual’ elements which are in direct opposition to the default mode network) and body language and other ’emotive’ audio elements such as found in music even tastes and foods in a way that’s not to dissimilar to ‘brain washing’ techniques. That may be able to enhance the placebo effect quit significantly negating the need to any drug based medication what so ever.

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