Autism, Intelligently designed evolution?

Is Autism intelligently designed evolution?

Now that around 50% of the genes involved in Autism and Asperger’s have been identified in various ways and a number of the looked at it’s quite possible that some of the things that ‘vaccines cause autism’ and ‘vaccine injury’ proponents have been saying are completely true, but with a spin they did not first anticipate!

Some of the genes involved in Autism are PTEN mutations Fragile-X and Copy Number Variantes, PTEN certainly effects the way that cells ‘self distruct’ (Apoptosis), and during ‘normal’ foetal development there is excessive die back of cells prior to birth, normal people are literally ‘brain dead prior to birth’, but where’s the intelligently designed evolution spin.

Well one of the things PTEN reacts to is environmental stimulus, diseases, toxins etc…. and children with the PTEN condition also have abnormally large heads and brains… Could it be that Autism is an evolutionary adaptation to disease and infection, one that has created large brains to cope and fight disease in an intelligent manner!

Note – This post will be updated shortly with more information and correct links to research facts and figures. (It may take me a moderate period of time to go through my notes and cross reference the material required….), anyone have a better way of organizing web links and data let me know 😉

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