Some people talk ‘backwards’

Over the years I’ve had lots of conversations with people about what they think, why they think things, they way they are talking and how we perceive what each other are doing and after a while I noticed something particular about a few people…. They talk backward to me!

But not quite in the same way as Yoda.

So for instance give the question ‘where’s the salmon’
I may say something like:
If you go into the cellar the salmon is in the top draw of the bottom freezer under the chips.

Where as a conversation between a ‘backwards’ talker me may go:

me: ‘Where’s the salmon?’
In the draw
me: which draw?
the draw In the freezer
me: which freezer
The Bottom freezer

My mum seems to talk in a similar way to this as I’ve frequently asked her for more information and also she gave a very interesting answer the question ‘what is the opposite of left’ … she said ‘taken’

So hopefully I can convince my mum to be a bit of a gunie pig, esp as I should be able to record conversations and records of spoken conversations (esp with video to show body language etc…) is something I’ve always wished I’d been more opportunistic in making. 

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One Response to Some people talk ‘backwards’

  1. anacruiz10 says:

    Mmm, this is really interesting, I never realized what this was called. Thanks for opening my eyes on this!

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