Aphasia take 2, clangin in reality.

As I wrote something regarding aphasia in terms of clangin I though I should really put my own experience as I had a mild, but persistent, psychotic break, where clanging (misconstrued, punning) was probably the main feature, though I would say I was also very very mildly delusional.

It’s hard to give some concrete examples that don’t require a lot of context (my psychosis wasn’t bizzare at-all, so was based on a huge number of things), but there is two examples I can give.

I suppose one thing I got occasionally confused about was ‘right’, as in ‘all right olli’. did it mean I was leaning to the direction right, I should head right, I should only go right, i was ‘ok’, I was presenting my rights (I had been arrested and read my ‘rights’), you have the right to life, you have the …. human rights etc…..

I took it as being ‘ok’ but it still caused some overall confusion, as you can see by the multiple possible interpritations.

The other thing that happened is that a friend had a chemistry mug with the periodic (I’m sure you can think of a few things that periodic can relate to) table on it… and I spotted the line

carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, flourine, radon (I think it was the symbols, but I can’t remember exactly, it wasn’t a big enough mug to have the full words on it and i had studied chemistry, so the symbols/abbrivations would have been deep inside me)

and I imediatly thought of the mnomic,
nitros oxide (no) makes you car (carbon) got faster (FLOORine) RAD!!! ON!!!

radon being a ‘nobel’ gas… I’m sure you can think of alternative meanings for both nobel and gas…. e.g. gas(american) is petrol in British English.

anyhow, I’ll read through the notes I wrote during the episode, though it was mild so there aren’t many relative to the actual clagning, but I hope that demonstrates at least some aspects of the condition especially in relation to the actual semantics and pragmatics.

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