Just how do psychopaths learn to adjust their behaviour?

One of the key features of psychopathy is an inability to learn, more specifically fear and via fear, and in terms of neurology this relates to having a smaller amygdala. People with leagons of the amygdala don’t experience fear though are otherwise normal, psychopaths have smaller amygdalas and also have when given an experiance of say, pain, do not learn to anticipate that the pain will happen. So this shows good causality to an inability to learn through fear.

Fear also has associations with a number other emotions such as anxiety and depression and generally results in some behavioural adjustments.

Another thing strongly associated, indeed a prerequisite for, psychopathy is narcissism… and indeed psychopaths can often learn from authority and the reward of being that authority, though they often disobey it.

Reward and adversion are typically the two kind of operand learning.

So is there another ‘learning’ mechanism?

Well one thing I do is that I do things repetitively, it’s rewarding, but sometimes I just get bored out of my tiny little mind… maybe not the best learning strategy, but a learning strategy non the least.

ADHD symptoms, boredom and impulsive behaviour are also strongly associated with psychopathy, also if I use the ego transfer hypothesis (that is people think of other people like themselves) wars of attrition are also psychopathic traits, bore the other person to death.

So could imposed boredom, via shunning (practiced in a number of different cultures) or equivilant be a method for adjusting the behaviours of psychopaths?

Sadly in the very basic form of just putting someone in prison, re-offending rates are very high…. so in itself, or at least in that implementation, probably doesn’t work.

So just how do psychopaths learn to adjust their behaviour?

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