The Dopamine Hypothisis

Well I’ve done quite a bit of research into treatment of schizophrenia and it appears that there is currently a moratorium on only using so called anti-psychotic medication.. You can find lot of commentary on how bad the hypothesis is and the lack of evidence for it but I thought I’d explain the hypothesis another way, using past treatments in psychiatry and following the same logic used in the dopamine hypothesis, and then give an alternative explanation of why anti-psychotics sort of work.

It is known that if you shock someone in an ice bath then some of their symptoms stop. This was actually used as a treatment up until not so long ago.
It is also known that in summer people get a little crazy, even spending money on things they cannot afford, like holidays.
It is also known that in winter people suffer from depression and suicide rates go up, the opposite of the above.

You can therefore conclude that symptoms of at least mania must be due to the patient being too hot.
This is despite the fact that when core body temperature is measured there is no difference from normal people.

This is exactly the same logic used to support the dopamine hypothesis, and of course it is totally invalid.

Here’s another explanation, reducing dopamine levels is known to produce symptoms of ADHD, I also experienced serious mental retardation when taking it.

Maybe, just maybe the medication is actually just giving people ADHD and they can no longer concentrate on stuff that’s going on inside their heads long enough to get attached to it.
A kind o bullet in the head solution to the problem.

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One Response to The Dopamine Hypothisis

  1. Lisa Lawlor says:

    Hi. Now you’ve got my attention. My Mum couldn’t concentrate on anything, she couldn’t read, do knitting etc. It was almost like she had become like a retard.

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