Personality Disorders

Well what have I learned about personality disorders so far. Not actually a great deal about the first ones I was looking at, there’s not a huge amount of scientific information out there.
What I have learned so far is:
There are more personalty disorders than I first thought there was including schizoid and schizotypal personality disorders.
The main ones I was looking at where antisocial personality disorder, also known as sociopath or previously called psychopaths though those terms are no longer used.
and border line personality disorder.

The DSM does not integrate the old psychopath test with the anti personality disorder criteria and the anti social personality disorder criteria seem pretty weak despite it affecting approximately 5% of the population. There is a related disorder called narcissistic personality disorder though it’s a little unclear what the differences between the two are apart from ASPD must have conduct disorder as a child.

There is some evidence to suggest that first person pronoun density is a sign of narcissism and I’m going to follow that line of research as it fits into the language research I’ve been doing. Also a lot of evidence to show that the amygdala is a key part of the brain that’s effected and is smaller than average. The amygdala is also one difference in Autistics in that it says active for much longer than in typical people.

Borderline personality disorder is held to be caused by child hood trauma in many cases and is also said to respond very well to therapy specifically aimed at treating the disorder. ASD it characterised by black and white thinking, typically loving or hating someone and flipping between the two. Social etiquette is also a key element, things such as sexual promiscuity are common.

Anyhow this is my write up and what I’ve learned so far. I’m going to go into more detail at some point and do some more research into this area, especially as ASPD affects 5% of the population directly and the rest of us indirectly.

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