Common misconceptions in ‘anti’ psychetry

Now I watch a few alternative view points on psychiatry and psychotropic medicine, I’ll post links to some, and there’s a few key things that stand out as incorrect if you do a bit of research.
1: There is no measured genetic cause of xyz condition…. This is a bit of a distraction, firstly there has recently been a genetic test developed for schizophrenia and also genetic variations have been measured in bi-polar. Twins studies have also shown that identical twins are more lightly to have a certain disorder than non identical twins especially in the case of autism but also in the case of anti social personality disorder.  This statistically points to a genetic cause, even if it’s just endogenetics. Fragile X is also known to cause Autism. Genetic variations in myelin have been measured in the cases of bi-polar and schizophrenia. Serotonin receptor differences and differences along the whole dopamine pathway have been measured in Autistics along with other brain differences and smaller amygdalas have been measured in people with Anti Social Personality Disorder.
I’ve not read any literature that says anything at all about dopamine path way, receptor or transmitter differences in schizophrenics, only myelin.

2: A chemical imbalance has never been measured:
This is incorrect, more efficient dopamine transports have been measured in Autistics by way of higher concentrations of metabolites, this is also the case with another neurotransmitter who’s name escapes me at the moment. Lower blood plasma levels of oxytocin have also been measured in some autistics and  EPA oil imbalances have also been measured in people with ADHD which is impart linked to Autism, many autistics also have ADHD and separately to Anti Social Personality Disorder many people with ADHD (20%) go on to develop ASPD traits or ASPD. I’ve seen nothing that says you can have Autism and ASPD they seem totally different esp when you consider the amygdala.
I’ve read nothing about those kind of chemical imbalances being measured for either depression or schizophrenia!!!!!!

So there you have it there are both genetic differences and chemical imbalances that have actually been measured and in some cases also have organic/biological measurements of effected parts of the brain to go along side those.

I’ll dig up and cite all the papers and articles I’ve read that provide this information.

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