Tantrum or Meltdown?

Now I’ve read that the difference between a tantrum and meltdown (well one of them) is that with a meltdown the person doesn’t know what caused it. Now although Kaylie, as a point of reference, never knew what caused hers and I actually do believe her now, I always know what causes mine. And to that point I know of other people with AS who think in a similar way, though I haven’t questioned them about meltdowns specifically. The difference I’d say with me, as opposed to just a tantrum, is that I either don’t get mad at anything in particular, it’s just a pure emotion with no ‘blame’ or if I do cause ‘damage’ (once maybe twice when I was a kid) it’s very very upsetting to me that I did so. I certainly don’t have the ‘attention seeking’ mentioned in relation to tantrums

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