Point of argument

Something that I’ve discussed in length but and now able to put a finger on better is the difference between the way NT and Autistic people ‘argue’ that is when there’s a matter of conflict and argue a point not necessarily fisty cuffs though it can get to that.
Now the thing I’ve noticed is when an argument arises with Autistic people it’s typically the subject of the conversation that causes the argument to arise. That is they will juxtapose their position based on the subject being the point of confusion and will strongly defend themselves, this can lead to fights on rare occasions, or often be over apologetic. Typically when an NT person argues their point of confusion seems to relate more to the objective of the argument and will juxtapose their position based on the objective. This can also go far to far the other way almost an opposite spectrum to Autism where NT people get very confused about the objective or will put forward strongly subjective arguments for the objective almost loosing sight of it.

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