change of topic

Usually I write mostly about Autism and Schizophrenia as those are the conditions that are closest to my heart and I know most about. But for a change of direction I’m going to do something on PDs, personality disorders.
What is a PD?

Well there are various kinds of PD including narcasistic personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder and border line personality disroder. They are controversial diagnosis because they say there is something wrong with the persons actual personality.
What can be done?
Well from what i’ve read actually very little, it’s the persons underliing personality that’s affected though there is some litrature on PDs being cause by child hood trauma (endogenetics) as well as genetics. Some have called for screening of PDs in a eugenics way so people no longer have them.
Why is that?
Well if you talk to anyone with a PD they will say they hate having a PD it’s not like Autism it can’t be overcome (in theory anyway) and it doesn’t have the extra special gifts that people with Autism can have.

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